Friday, August 6, 2010

The Sony Reader PRS-600

Chase and I totally had a $50 Christmas limit last year. In fact, I spent WEEKS pondering what he was getting me that was so "wonderful" for under $50. Turns out...Chase did not spend $50. In fact, he spent $300. That's okay's only 6 times what you were suppose to spend. Ya know. No biggie...just a few bucks.

He was however VERY right when knowing that this was a gift I would ABSOLUTELY love. What did he get me?? Are you silly enough not to read the title??

A Sony Reader PRS-600. Which just so happens to be the touch version. The very cool $300 touch version ($
279.00 on sale at Best Buy actually + tax..soo...$300.)

And he even got it in red. Because he knows I love red. How about that for hubby sweetness? The pocket edition comes in pink though. I was a little disappointed when I figured that out. I love pink even more than red. Oh well. My Blackberry is pink. Review for that coming soon.

On to the Sony!

My first impression of it was WOW. Not only could I carry around ALL my books at once, but, I could do it in STYLE, look cooler than I usually do (hard to do, I know), and, have access to so many more books than I did before. Anyone who knows me knows that I live inside my books. And now to be able to carry them all around with me all the time so I'm never without something to read? Sweet hubby of the year award being awarded to my husband. It's been revoked since Christmas though, no worries.

My favorite features of the Sony Reader PRS-600:

*It's red (duh). It also comes in silver and black. But not pink.
*It has a touch screen allowing you to easily change pages regardless on how your positioned
*It has a built in dictionary
*I can easily and cheaply purchase books from Sony's massive library. It's very easy to transfer the books to the Sony, although, it did take me half a minute to figure out. People in my parent's crowd may find themselves trying for 5 minutes or so.
*Access to lots of free books, which change periodically. I really love this because I've gotten a bunch of free books from there (sappy romance novels, I know, I'm a nerd). Free is awesome for me though, and I've actually enjoyed reading sappy romances.
* You can hand write notes and transfer them to your computer. I just think this is cool. Although I haven't found use for it yet. Key word, yet.
*You can download books from ANYWHERE, not just Sony's website. I've downloaded Cosmopolitan actually. And Popular Photography. And 101 Uses for A Condom. Popsicle anyone?
*It's lightweight. Portable. Easy to carry in my bag. I even take it to the gym. To the drive-through. To the doctors. To the line at the grocery store. To the movies. I take it everywhere...can you tell? It comes in at 10.1 ounces and 6.9" X 4.8" X 4". The screen is 6", giving you plenty of reading space. I don't find that I'm ever constantly changing the page.
*The screen can change from portrait to landscape. I've used both depending on what format I'm reading.
*Did I mention you can get books from anywhere? It supports a gaggle of formats. Adobe® PDF5, Microsoft® Word, BBeB Book® and other text file formats, as well as EPUB/ACS4 and connection with Adobe Digital Editions4 Like those ones. Mostly, I like that it supports PDF's.
*It has expandable memory using either a SD card or a Memory Stick Pro Duo.
*It has adjustable font sizes. I happen to like it pretty small. That irritates my husband.
*You can highlight and make annotations using the built in pen.

Things I'm less than impressed with:
*It utilizes E-Ink, which is actually pretty cool. It makes it look more like a "book." You can tilt it at weird angles and still read it. My problem? The touch screen on the Sony gives it a weird glare. I can't always tilt it at weird angles and read it. If I had a reliable book light, that would perhaps be remedied as it seems to do better the more light you have. But for now, reading in bed at night is almost a little annoying.
*There's no easy way to see how far you have to the end of the chapter. I'm sure this is with all E-readers. I'm a person who thinks she'll read to the end of a chapter, but not knowing that the end of the chapter is 100 pages down the line means I've had a few late nights.
*It's appealing to yellow labs named Miley. One day, she drug it out of the night stand, went "chomp chomp", destroyed the case that came with it and put a few teeth marks in the lower right corner of my reader. I was more than a little mad as I'm sure you can imagine.
*The battery life (on mine at least) is no where near what Sony claims it to be. They say it can go roughly 2 weeks or 7,500 page turns. I find I need to charge it every 2-3 days if I'm really reading. Maybe 600-1000 page turns. I would send it back, but...well, see above. I'm pretty sure they are just going to tell me to get over myself because my dog ruined the battery life. But, for the record, the battery was no better before Miley got her grubby teeth on it.
*You can put MP3's on it. It doesn't have speakers, but does have a headphone jack. I haven't actually had a reason to test this out, but I think it's cool that if my husband's Sony Walkman ever breaks, I'll be able to use this as a home to my Glee 2 Soundtrack.

Overall, I would totally recommend the Sony. The price and color are right compared to others on the market. The touch screen is totally a cool, usable, highly functional, fun feature that sets it apart from others.

And once you get it, download some Jodi Picoult books for me, because she rocks!

Overall? My husband is super awesome for getting me one of these.


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