Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vac-ay at the Lak-ay

Or something like that!

Our family is leaving this evening to spend the rest of the week at one of my husband's favorite destinations - Lake Powell! As kids, we both ventured there (separately) many times, and as a couple, we've been there a few. Hunter has only been once though and he was only 7 months old.

Okay, technically, he's been twice, but the first time he was still in my stomach.

So, we're very excited to head back to the lake! Hunter is going to try water skiing for the first time (supposedly, I'm going to try too, but, I'm feeling some severe headaches coming on...)

Anyways, we'll be out for the rest of the week, but I thought a blog post was in order before than.

Today, a topic has struck my Facebook community about people posting pictures of other people without their permission. What does everyone else think about this?

The pictures in question are not the most flattering pictures, and are in fact being used as revenge against this person. While I don't necessarily condone this behavior, I have to say, if you're out in public, doing things in public you have to know people have cell phones at the ready to take pictures and video. Our world has become so digital that a video can make it onto YouTube within minutes of being shot. Pictures can be uploaded to Facebook the second you take them. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to this, but I think as a whole, we need to be conscientious of the things we're doing in public places knowing that the chances of someone having a camera on us are great. As long as we know that the things we're doing reflect on the person we want to be, than there really shouldn't be a problem with this.

Off my soap box now, and on to the road! Have a great week everyone!


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