Monday, October 11, 2010

30 days

Sometimes I need topics to get me going - throughout the day I think about things I'd like to write about, but by the time I have time to sit down and do it, the idea behind a post is gone, or has been thought through so much that it's no longer interesting to me. I've decided to take part of 30 days of blogging to get me climbing the ropes!

Today: Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I don't know if I have a recent picture of myself, so I'll skip that for now - onto the facts!

- I love the smell of Cabbage Patch dolls. I have a few Cabbage Patch's boxed up, just so I can open the boxes every so often and take a whiff.
- I love to cook and bake - but I need a crowd to really get me going. I love making food for other people.
- I also love hosting parties. It's so much work, but I get so much enjoyment out of it. We don't do it nearly enough.
- I know more Wiggles songs than one could possibly imagine by heart. Sometimes, I burst into song when I'm all on my own. My son hasn't watched The Wiggles in 2 years, but the songs have stayed with me.
- My second toes is longer than my first.
- My house is usually a complete disaster, but I love to pretend it's clean.
- I want to own a little dog so badly, but I'm not "allowed."
- I've been obsessed with frogs since my early teens. I have tons of frog stuffed animals, figurines, and 2 live fire belly toads (which probably need fed now that I'm thinking about them...)
- I recently (as in a month+) painted my bedroom and bathroom after living in our white walled house for 2+ years. I'm now completely in love with both rooms and sometimes sit in one just to stare at the walls. They (as in the painted walls) make me incredibly happy.
- I can throw a football really well. I once pegged my sister in the head from 100 feet away.
- I crave Jimmy Johns on an hourly basis.
- I'm obsessed with Slurpees from 7-11. Mountain Dew and Cherry mixed together. $1.18 for a refill. I have two refill cups...just in case one is in the dishwasher.
- I get nervous when I'm alone. I'm always pretty sure someone is going to kill me.
- I will read over 100 books this year.
- I hate being cold, so I'm a little bit obsessed with all thing soft and warm. Blankets, socks, robes.

And now the picture - about 2 months ago at the Bronco/Steeler game with my husband.


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Lori said...

Love this. Gonna start a post about top 10 things you never knew about me.


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