Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 4

Day 04 - A habit that you wish you didn’t have

A little bit harder today! Having to admit to ones faults is never an easy task. I have small habits that don't typically hurt anyone other than myself - I bite and peel my nails (I know, who peels their nails, right?), and I chew my lips. Both are boredom habits.

A bigger habit that affects my family as well is I'm a tad addicted to my Blackberry and/or computer and/or digital reader. Sitting down and watching tv (which I tend to do a lot of in the fall, hah) drives me crazy - I can't just sit there and watch, even if it's my most favoritest show in the world, or, even football! I have to be checking emails, browsing Craigslist, hanging out on Facebook or more recently, Blogfrog, playing a Tetris-esq game on my cell phone, or reading a book on my digital reader. I can't just sit at any point in time without some type of device in my hands. I know it drives my husband crazy.

There are parts of me, and what I do, that mean I just can't toss my Blackberry aside. No, I don't need to be playing mindless games for hours at a time, but, I do like to have it somewhere in the vicinity, so when I get a work related email, I can get back to my clients in as timely of a manner as possible. I strongly dislike keeping people waiting long for a reply, although sometimes I do get so backed up, even my Blackberry can't help me out.

Sitting and relaxing and just being with my husband while we watch something on tv is something I am trying to work on though. What's your bad habit?


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